You can download and use the full version of application for 30 days completely free of charge. Then you decide what license to choose (free or paid).

Pulse Monitor - Full version installer
Version: 4.00|PulseSetup.exe, file size: 16.22 MB
Download the installer: PulseSetup.exe

Pulse Monitor 3 - Full version installer
Version: 3.08|PulseSetup.exe, file size: 16.08 MB
Download the installer: PulseSetup3.exe

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Save and run the installer. Follow the steps, the installation process is automatic. If your computer lacks components of the program, it will be automatically downloaded from a location on the Internet.

If you are upgrading, you do not need to uninstall the previous version. Just run installer and the version will be overwritten. All data will be kept.

English language
Download file: manual_en.pdf

Ant+ Receiver Driver
file size: 274 KB
Download file:

Driver for USB ANT+ mini and ANT+ v.2 receiver. Setup file of Pulse Monitor already includes driver so there is no need to install it separately.